Decking Calculator

Calculator Instructions

1. Enter length and width in feet.

2. Boards will run length-wise in each section.

3. We add 5% more material for trim loss. Every board we sell is 100% usable.

4. Material is supplied in even lengths only, multiples of 2', from 8' to 20'.

5. When entering deck dimensions, please round up to next even length in feet; example 9'2" should be entered as 10'.

6. For diagonal installations, please add 15% for trim loss.

7. Choose material size:
1x4 or 1x6 for 16" joist spacing;
5/4x4 or 5/4x6 for 24" joist spacing;
2x4 or 2x6 for heavy duty or commercial applications.

8. Material required for each section in SF, LF and BF will be listed.

9. Close to ground applications (24" or less) should use 4" width material.

10. Install all materials in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

11. Calculations assume 1/8" spacing edge to edge between boards. 4" wide material is calculated at 3-5/8" and 6" at 5-5/8" net coverage.

Section A

Width: Length:

Section B

Width: Length:

Section C

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Material List